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In Breaking Walls episode 99 we wrap up our trilogy on the most popular season in radio history with a look at the major network programming surrounding New Year’s 1948.



• Scenes from the Post-Christmas Blizzard Aftermath
• Breakfast in Hollywood
• Checking in on Lora Lawton
• Lois Lane Has Been Framed
• Staats Cotsworth’s Other Gig, and Dennis Day’s Old One
• Ringing in the New Year with The Mayor and Duffy
• Mr. District Attorney and The Big Story
• Bing Crosby’s Feeling Festive
• Jimmy Durante is Sick
• Happy New Year, 1948
• Truman’s Lack of Popularity and a Severe Labor Strike Issue
• The First Rose Bowl Telecast in Los Angeles
• Mel Allen
• Jack Benny, George Burns, Gracie Allen
• Al Jolson and Casey
• Radio Reader’s Digest, Mr. President, and Family Theater
• CBS Takes on Eddie Cantor with The First Nighter
• Wrapping Up The Holiday Season and Looking Ahead


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The reading material used in today’s episode was:
• On the Air — By John Dunning
• Network Radio Ratings, 1932-53 — by Jim Ramsburg

As well as articles from:
• Radio Daily — December 1947 and January 1948.
• Broadcasting Magazine — May 31st, 1948

On the interview front:
• Mel Allen, Jackson Beck, John Gibson, Jackie Kelk, Tony Marvin, Jan Miner, Rosa Rio, and William N. Robson were with Dick Bertel and Ed Corcoran for WTIC’s The Golden Age of Radio. These interviews can be heard at

• Chuck Schaden spoke to Barbara Luddy, Gloria McMillan, Olan Soule, Rudy Vallée, and Harry Von Zell. Hear their full chats at

• William Paley gave a speech while receiving an award on November 20th, 1958.

• Arthur Godrey and Andy Rooney spoke for CBS’ 50th anniversary.

• George Burns and Jack Benny were interviewed for Great Radio Comedians.

• Bing Crosby was interviewed for Same Time, Same Station in 1972, while SPERDVAC was with Betty Lou Gerson in 1979 and Dennis Day was with John Dunning for 71KNUS on Easter Sunday, April 11th, 1982.


Selected Music featured in today’s episode was:
• What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? – By Margaret Whiting
• Campana Sobre Campana – By J.P. Torres
• Auld Lang Syne – By The Manhattan Strings and by Guy Lombardo
• Someone to Watch Over Me – By Rosemary Squires & The Ken Thorne Orchestra
• I’ll Be Seeing You – By The Harry James Band
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