BW – EP97: Thanksgiving 1947—The Most Popular Season in Radio History

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In Breaking Walls Episode 97 we usher in the holiday season with the first of a three-part mini-series on the 1947-48 radio season. The 1947-48 season had the largest radio audience in history. Homes with radios jumped 6%, car radios 29%.

The major networks—NBC, CBS, ABC, and the Mutual Broadcasting System added 147 new affiliates. 97% of the nation’s AM stations were now linked to one of the big four. Network revenue topped $200 Million.


Famine in Europe; Anti-Communism at Home—The World is Changing
Boomer Babes Fuel a Ratings Increase
The Annual Hollywood Santa Parade
Happy Thanksgiving 1947
Breakfast with the Couples
Prepping With the Soaps
The Answer Man Takes to the Air
The Annual Elgin Thanksgiving Special
Juvenile Adventure At Dusk
Settling Into Prime Time
George Burns: French Crooner
Casey Gets His Turkey
Home is Where the Heart Is
Eddie Cantor Has Been Kidnapped
Late Night and Looking Ahead


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The reading material used in today’s episode was:
Frank and Anne Hummert’s Radio Factory – By Jim Cox
On the Air – By John Dunning
Network Radio Ratings, 1932-53 — by Jim Ramsburg
As well as articles from:
Broadcasting Magazine: January 20th, 1947; October 27th, 1947; December 1st, 1947

On the interview front:
Jackson Beck, Hans Conried, Staats Cotsworth, John Gibson, Tony Marvin, and Jan Miner were with Dick Bertel and Ed Corcoran for WTIC’s The Golden Age of Radio. These interviews can be heard at

Chuck Schaden interviewed Ken Carpenter and Les Tremayne. Hear their full chats at

While SPERDVAC was with Betty Lou Gerson and Jack Johnstone. For more information, please go to

And Barbara Walters interviewed George Burns for 20/20.


Selected Music featured in today’s episode was:
“Over the River and Through The Woods” — by the US Airforce Band
“Holiday On Skis” – by Al Caiola & Riz Ortolani
“Joy” – by George Winston


“Star of Bethlehem” – by John Williams
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