BW – EP84: The Simple Art of Macabre—Mystery, Suspense, and Horror from Radio’s Best (1931 – 1982)

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In Breaking Walls Episode 84, it’s the Simple Art of Macabre, to your ears from the mouths of some of the best who ever produced radio’s stuff of nightmares.

• Why Do We Like To Be Scared?
• What pre-dated the radio horror program in the United States of America?
• The Witch’s Tale
• Cooper, Oboler, and Lights Out
• Orson Welles, Himan Brown, and Bill Spier
• Macabre Programming during World War II
• How Transcription Advanced the radio mystery program
• Escape, The Saint, and Vincent Price
• ABC and The Clock
• Quiet Please and Crime Classics
• The Decline of the American audio drama in the 1950s
• Attempts at horror revivals
• Where we are today

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The reading material used in today’s episode was:
• The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio – by John Dunning
• The Witch’s Tale: Stories of Gothic Horror from the Golden Age of Radio – by Alonzo Dean Cole
• The CBS Radio Mystery Theater Handbook by Martin Grams Jr’s and Gordon Payton
• Forecast: Is there a Sponsor in a House by Martin Grams Jr.
• The Museum of Broadcast Communications Encyclopedia of Radio – by Christopher H. Sterling
Today’s episode of Breaking Walls could not have been done without the interviews by Dick Bertel, Ed Corcoran, John Dunning, SPERDVAC, and Chuck Schaden.
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• Chuck Schaden’s interviews can be found at his site,
Selected Music featured in today’s Episode was:
• Seance on a Wet Afternoon composed by John Barry and rerecorded by Nic Raine
* I’ve Got You Under My Skin – by Frank Sinatra
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