BW – EP78: Our Game—Baseball Memories From Throughout Radio History

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In Breaking Walls Episode 78, in honor of Major League’s Baseball’s opening day, we present stories, recollections, and in-game sounds from some of baseball’s most memorable moments and people.

• Hear what Jackie Robinson’s Major League Baseball debut on April 15th, 1947 at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, NY sounded like
• NY Daily News Columnist Ben Gross recalls the first World Series radio broadcast on WJZ in 1921
• Dizzy Dean and the famed Gas House Gang’s 1930s rivalry with the New York Giants
• Red Barber, Mel Allen and the growth of baseball’s radio broadcasting industry
• Hear Babe Ruth on the radio
• Hear Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech from July 4th, 1939
• Sounds from the 1939 World Series
• Who did Joe McCarthy thing was better, Joe Dimaggio or Ted Williams?
• Sounds from the New York Yankees, New York Giants, and Brooklyn Dodgers
• Bing Crosby calls a Yankee game with Mel Allen
• How a dispute between Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley and NYC Park’s Commissioner Robert Moses caused both the Dodgers and Giants to move to California in 1957
• Jackie Robinson interviews Satchel Paige in 1960
• Phil Rizzuto calls Roger Maris’ 61st home run on October 1, 1961
• Jackie Robinson’s last public appearance in 1972

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The reading material for today’s episode was:
• The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio by John Dunning
• and countless reference websites for the history of Baseball

Music featured in today’s Episode Included:
• Did you See Jackie Robinson Hit that Ball? By Woodrow Buddy Johnson & Count Basie
• Swing into Spring by Benny Goodman
• There Used to be A Ballpark by Frank Sinatra
• Wanted by Perry Como
• The First Baseball Game by Nat King Cole
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