BW – EP68: Psalm For A Dark Year—An Ode for Giving Thanks In Honor of Norman Corwin

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In Breaking Walls Episode 68, we welcome November’s theme of “Gratitude” with an interactive look back at Norman Corwin’s radio plays, originally heard on U.S. radio around Thanksgiving of 1941. There are a lot of parallels that could be drawn from 1941 in 2017. That’s a scary thought! Perhaps the world isn’t in nearly as bad of a place today as we imagine? If we want to learn some lessons from the Americans that lived 76 years ago, radio—the main entertainment medium of the day—seems like a good place to start.

Featured on today’s episode will be:

The Columbia Workshop – Pslam for a Dark Year, originally broadcast on 11/9/1941
The Screen Guild Theater – Between Americans, originally broadcast on 12/7/1941
We Hold These Truths – originally broadcast on 12/15/1941

And interviews with Norman Corwin in 1976 and 2007.

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