BW – EP63: Are You You? with Artist Shantell Martin

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On Breaking Walls Episode 63, we head to Mana Contemporary Studios in Jersey City, New Jersey for a chat with groundbreaking artist Shantell Martin. Shantell produces large scale murals and installations designed to invoke high vibrations from the audience, and get them asking more questions about life.

If you haven’t seen Shantell’s creations and are now hearing this, I’d suggest you definitely go check to Seeing her work will absolutely give you larger context for who she is and why she approaches life the way she does.

• Why Shantell was a morbid kid
The importance of working on your weaknesses
Why artists should treat themselves like business people
How to get the confidence to put yourself out there
How creating on the fly and trusting in one’s self gets us to be more open
Are you you?
The importance of patience and understanding we’re on a journey
The importance of cataloging our art as we create it
What’s next for Shantell
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