BW – EP57: A History of Coney Island and The American Radio Drama

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On Breaking Walls Episode 57, we examine the unique connection between radio during its golden age, and Coney Island during the last of its heyday between the 1930s and 1960s.

Many of the original radio performers were vaudeville performers before radio began. In New York, while some found work on Broadway, others found their start at Coney Island. Similarly, during the American radio drama’s dying days in the late 1950s, actors and actresses that would go on to achieve great fame in TV and movies honed their skills on radio. We’ll examine some of those careers and listen to sound bites from the Golden Age of radio that took place at Coney Island.

What famous Star Trek actor got his start on radio in a play that took place around the carnivals?

What famous 20th century comedian once lent his voice to a role as a piano tuner and money stumble upon(er)?

What would bring a Broadway cop to Coney Island on a summer day?

What pick pocketer murdered many during a Coney Island nocturne?

What do Alan Ladd, Cecil B. DeMille, an Elephant hotel, and a lion named Black Prince have in common?

Where does Coney Island and the American radio drama go from here?

Who was Michael Norton and why is there a Norton’s Point in Sea Gate?

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