BW – EP52: Speaking of Radio With OTR Guru and Radio HOFer Chuck Schaden

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In Breaking Walls Episode 52 we present a chat with Radio Hall of Fame member Chuck Schaden about his life and career. Chuck was on the air on Chicago radio between 1970-2009 The Radio Hall of Fame lists him as the man who’s done more to preserve and grow the Golden Age of Radio than anyone in America. His earliest radio memory was listening to The Shadow on the afternoon of Sunday, December 7, 1941 when the broadcast was interrupted with news of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.



• How Chuck got on the air in 1970
• His conversations through the years with Golden Age of Radio stars like Jack Benny, Howard Duff, Arch Oboler, and Alan Reed.
• Chuck’s opinion on why the American radio drama died in the 1950s
• Things Chuck learned from his father about confidence
• Why we have to be willing to put ourselves out there, be humble, and follow our passions
• His opinion on the future of the radio drama
• The Ways Chuck is enjoying his retirement
• Thoughts on Chuck’s website:
• Chuck’s Podcast: Chuck Schaden’s Memory Lane


To find out more about the life and career of Chuck Schaden, visit his website at There you’ll find 40 years of conversations with Golden Age of Radio stars, writers, and others involved in that era of radio.


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