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BW – EP48: A Blindfolded Evening at BAM With Bittersuite

In Breaking Walls Episode 48, experience an evening unlike any other at BAM with BitterSuite, a fully immersive concert experience with one catch—the participating audience is blindfolded, touched, danced with, fed, and loved by a complete stranger.


I got to experience this first hand. Today you can too, through on-the-scene conversations with Bittersuite creator Stephanie Singer, and participant Stephanie Guzman!



For more information about Bittersuite please go here – www.bittersuite.org.uk


The Brooklyn Academy of Music’s website – www.bam.org


Stephanie Guzman was a guest on Breaking Walls in episode 32 with tips on how to destress in the new year – Thewallbreakers – Bw-ep32-artist-stephanie-guzmanways-to-destress-in-the-new-year


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