BW – EP45: The League Of Creative Introverts—Designer Cat Rose

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In episode 45 of Breaking Walls, we sit down with Brighton, UK-based designer Cat Rose for a conversation about The League of Creative Introverts—a creative community headed by Cat ( and how Cat has used conscious gratitude to improve the way she sees the world.


Highlights Include:

    • What is The League of Creative Introverts and what gave Cat the inspiration to start it
    • How the league can help you if you’ve been feeling insecure about putting your art out there
    • How Cat managed to leave her agency job and strike out on her own as a full-time freelance graphic designer
    • How Cat’s been finding clients in her community
    • The benefit to writing down things we’re grateful for every day
    • Why Cat keeps a journal
    • How far ahead she plans and why she diversifies her interests
    • What’s next for Cat

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