BW – EP38: Steve Jobs, Milton Glaser, Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and Daniel Doherty—How to Grow

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In Episode 38 of Breaking Walls we hear from Steve Jobs and Milton Glaser on getting over the fear of failure, Paul Rand and Saul Bass on the importance of creativity and knowing oneself, and from TEDxWandsworth’s speaker Daniel Doherty on Engineering Serendipity. I’ve been giving a lot of thought on how to tangibly draw the line between vulnerability, serendipity, and growth. I’m of the opinion, based on experiences in my own life, that the more we allow ourselves to be open to new situations and allow vulnerability into our lives, the more we’re create serendipitous outcomes because we’ll be open to new possibilities. It stands to reason that when new things occur in our lives we grow from it! As a way to prove my own point, I’ve scouted interviews from some of the most successful creative people of our generation.


For the full Daniel Doherty TEDxWandsworth talk, go here:


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