BW – EP35- Musician Samantha Leon—Ways To Use Vulnerability To Grow Creatively & Emotionally

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In episode 35 of Breaking Walls we sit down with art director and musician Samantha Leon for a conversation about how she’s used her own vulnerability to grow creatively and emotionally. This is a great conversation that centers around tips Sam uses to be more confident and to trust herself that we can all instill in our lives.


• What it was like growing up just north of New York City in Yonkers, NY
• How seeing the rougher side of New York as a kid can lead to a lot of confidence as an adult
• Why we can’t let other people create insecurities in our lives
• The importance of being open to multiple avenues of creativity
• What being on stage can teach us about ourselves
• Why anger can’t be the only form of motivation that drives us
• How Sam uses positive energy to heal others
• Why our true calling is generally the path to least resistance
• What’s next for Sam


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