BW – EP33: Enterprise IT Buyer Donald Thompson—Tips For Better Financial Literacy

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In Episode 33 of Breaking Walls we sit down with Enterprise IT Buyer Donald Thompson as he offers tips by the common man, for the common man, for better financial literacy.


• The Importance of “naming” your money
• Why you don’t need to be “Joe Science” to have financial literacy
• How Donny has learned these lessons
• Why he does his own taxes
• Advice on accountants
• The large difference between having a good or bad financial attitude
• Why his experiences as an IT buyer for the NY/NJ Port Authority are scalable to everyday life
• Life Lessons he’s learned growing up in New York City
• How better consciousness and better financial literacy go hand-in-hand
• What’s new financial lessons Donny is hoping to learn in 2016 and Beyond

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