BW – EP28: From Foster Care To Freedom—Author Pamela J. Campbell

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In Episode 28 of Breaking Walls, we sit down with two-time published author Pamela J. Campbell to talk about her experiences growing up in an abusive household, foster care, how it shaped her for the better, and how she’s become both a writer and a community leader. Pamela is currently in the process of publishing a memoir of her experiences thus far in life. It’s due out in 2016 and called “A World Apart: From Foster Care to Freedom.”



• Pamela’s childhood in her own words
• How she finally escaped the abuse of her father
• The secret her father hid about her mother
• Her experience in foster care
• Why and for how long was she carrying around anger and hurt stemming from her childhood
• How she began to break free, mentally and spiritually, from her hurt
• How working for Hillary Clinton forever shaped her
• Her experiences as a social worker
• What being a featured writer in two novels taught her
• Why she decided to write a memoir at a young age
• What is Momentum Education? How Can it Help?
• What’s next for Pamela



Pamela’s Links:
The Art of Activation…ook/dp/B00O1LX7RC

Women Rising: Vol 2…ory/dp/150300824X

Momentum Education…ew-york.html



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