BW – EP27: Conquering Fears at Greenwood Cemetery—Spencer Johnson

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We change up the format in Episode 27 of Breaking Walls. While interviewing BWEP 09 Guest Spencer Johnson, he and I took a walking tour of Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn and recorded our conversation. Greenwood was the last place Spencer visited before leaving NYC in 2014 to move to Florida. Hear him talk about the fears he faced when making the decision to leave a place he lived for his entire adult life.


• When to know you need a change
• What Spencer thinks of Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg
• How Greenwood Cemetery was founded
• What’s the significance of Battle Hill
• When Spencer feels wearing a mask can be a good thing
• The exact spot the Statue of Liberty Faces inside Greenwood
• Why Halloween is Spencer’s favorite holiday
• Why we shouldn’t fear death


Spencer’s latest IOS game Fillip’s Feast


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