BW – EP113: A Week With Elliott Lewis in 1953

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In Breaking Walls episode 113 it’s September of 1953 and Elliott Lewis is one of the busiest men in radio. He’s the producer/director of four shows and the star of two. We’ll join him that fall, following for a week to find out what life was like for the man affectionately dubbed by his peers as “Mr. Radio.”


• Phil and Alice Court Elliott Lewis
• Broadway is My Beat, Still Going Strong
• Agnes Moorehead Guest-Stars on Suspense
• Finding and Losing Love On Stage
• The Very Suspicious Borden Family Murders
• Radio’s Golden Age Draws to a Close
• Looking Ahead to Go Back in time to Wyoming


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The reading material used in today’s episode was:

• On the Air — By John Dunning
• Network Radio Ratings, 1932-53 — By Jim Ramsburg

On the interview front:
• Sam Edwards, Alice Faye, Phil Harris, Elliott Lewis, Agnes Moorehead, Arch Oboler, and Paula Winslowe were with Chuck Schaden. Hear their full chats at

• Lilian Buyeff, Mary Jane Croft, Sam Edwards, Betty Lou Gerson, Byron Kane, Lou Krugman, Elliott Lewis, and Jeanette Nolan were with SPERDVAC. For more information, go to

• Elliott Lewis and E. Jack Neuman were with John Dunning for his 71KNUS program from Denver.

• Elliott Lewis was also with Dick Bertel and Ed Corcoran for WTIC’s The Golden Age of Radio. Hear this full interview at

• Jack Kruschen, Shirley Mitchell, and George Walsh were with Jim Bohannon.

• Morton Fine spoke with Dan Hafele for SPERDVAC in 1988.

• WIlliam Conrad spoke with Chris Lambesis.

• Norman MacDonnell with John Hickman.

• Raymond Burr was with Jack Webster.


Selected music featured in today’s episode was:
• Rags to Riches — By Tony Bennett
• Manhattan — By Blossom Dearie
• Pyramid of the Sun — By Les Baxter
• The Venice Dreamer Parts 1 & 2 — By George Winston
• I’ll Be Seeing You — By the Harry James Band
• Caravan — By Gordon Jenkins


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