BW – EP106: Summer Vacation with Our Miss Brooks (1948 – 1954)

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In Breaking Walls episode 106, we join Eve Arden at Madison High School and find out why we all love Our Miss Brooks.


• Who is Eunice Quedens?
• Eve the heroine with Elizabeth Arden cosmetics.
• Starting out in Hollywood
• Getting on the Radio
• Teaming with Danny Kaye, Jack Haley, and Jack Carson
• William Paley and his Packaged Program Initiative
• My Friend Irma and Two New Proposed Female-driven Situation Comedies
• Our Miss Booth—Not Happening
• Eve Arden, meet Connie Brooks
• Our Miss Brooks—The New Summer Hit
• Colgate Signs on in the Fall of 1948
• Cast Camaraderie
• Eve Arden—Radio’s Top Comedienne
• Miss Brooks Gains Traction
• Taking the Show into TV without Jeff Chandler
• Winding down the Radio Show
• Looking Ahead to October


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The reading material used in today’s episode was:

On the Air — By John Dunning
Network Radio Ratings, 1932-53 — By Jim Ramsburg

As well as articles from the archives of Broadcasting Magazine, Radio Daily, and Radio Mirror.


On the interview front:

Eve Arden, Gale Gordon, Jack Haley and Gloria McMillan were with Chuck Schaden. Hear their full chats at

Eve Arden was also with John Dunning on July 25th, 1982 for 71KNUS

Mary Jane Croft was with SPERDVAC on March 14th, 1992. For more information, please go to

Shirley Booth was with Dick Cavett in 1971.

And Ozzie and Harriet Nelson were on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show on November 18th, 1969.


Selected music featured in today’s episode was:

• It’s Been a Long Long Time — By The Harry James Band
• Easy Street — By June Christy
• Living Without You — By George Winston
• Hello Mary Lou — By Ricky Nelson


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