BW – EP103: A Weekend at the Malt Shop with Fibber McGee and Molly (1955)

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In Breaking Walls Episode 103 we visit the town of Wistful Vista to spend a weekend at Walt’s Malt Shop with Fibber McGee and Molly. While between 1938 and 1950, Jim and Marian Jordan’s comedy never finished lower than fifth in national radio ratings, in this episode, we’ll focus on the period after, when the show became a closed production and aired for fifteen minutes, five days per week.



Jim Jordan—Saver of Things
Who is this Fibber McGee and What does he do?
First Smackout, by way of Chicago
Marian Jordan—Molly McGee
Fibber and Molly join NBC
When Tuesday Night was Comedy Night
Television takes over as NBC’s Stars Jump Ship
Fibber and Molly Take a Ratings Hit
Marian’s Health Deteriorates
NBC’s plan for the 1950s
Fibber and Molly Becomes a Serial
Finding Success
Taking Over Walt’s Malt
After the Weekend
Winding Down
Looking Back to Look Forward
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The reading material used in today’s episode was:
On the Air — By John Dunning
Network Radio Ratings, 1932-53 — by Jim Ramsburg

As well as several articles from Broadcasting Magazine, Radio & TV Mirror, and Sponsor Magazine.

On the interview front:
Parley Baer and Harry Bartell were with SPERDVAC, the Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety, and Comedy. For more information, please go to

Elvia Allman, Jim Jordan, Jim Jordan Jr, Phil Leslie, Willard Waterman, and Don Wilson were with Chuck Schaden. Hear their full chats at

Jim Jordan was with John Dunning for his 71KNUS program from Denver in 1982.

Don Quinn was interviewed in Hawaii by Owen Cunningham while on vacation in 1951.

And John Gibson and Jim Jordan were with Dick Bertel and Ed Corcoran for WTIC’s The Golden Age of Radio. Hear their full chat at Goldenage—

Selected music featured in today’s episode was:
Caravan — By Gordon Jenkins
Goodbye Montana, Pt. 1 — By George Winston
I Forgot to Remember to Forget — By Elvis Presley
Route 66 — By Nat King Cole
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