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50% of all tweets come from just .05% of Twitter users. I’ll say that again. 50% of all tweets come from just .05% of Twitter users. Take a moment to digest that famous statistic. Now, that bit of information might not come as a total shock but, what can we learn from that?



As of June 2011 the number of tweets sent out per day was over 200 million. This number, as of January 2012, is surely on the rise. The famous “elite 20k” Twitter users (Hello Lady Gaga) are causing over 100 million tweets per day. 99.95% of those tweets are retweets from these famous and influential people. So, how does one go about becoming an elite, influential person on Twitter? Being a grammy award winning artist surely helps. As does being the richest African-American woman of the twentieth century. I however, would rather bring the news.


One of Ken Burns‘ favorite interviewees for his 1991 documentary Baseball was a former Major League Baseball coach and Negro-league First-Baseman Buck O’Neil. A Negro League ballplayer had to endure segregated facilities, weekend triple headers (a 9AM game followed by a 1PM double-header), and bumpy bus rides through small towns starved for a glimpse at big league Baseball. Buck once mentioned to Ken Burns with a sense of pride that the Negro League stars would incidentally “bring the news” to towns as they passed through. If a townsperson were to ask Buck where he has just come from, they’d then usually ask him what was going on in that town. Therefore, as the ball players traveled from town to town they connected citizens with each other through information. In the 21st century information moves at a much faster pace but, the concept behind communication is the same. At The Wall Breakers, we’re dedicated not only to bringing the news to our readers but, to creating news as we grow through collaboration, communication and information. How do you become part of the influential 20K in the world? Connecting people with each other.