Breaking Walls S01E06: Ways to Switch Gears in Your Career with Former Bonds Salesman Steven Attanasio

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In Season 1 Episode 6 of Breaking Walls, the topic of discussion is: Switching Gears in Your Professional Environment & How To Make It Work. Our guest is former Municipal Bonds Salesman-turned author and world-traveler Steven Attanasio. If you have been thinking about changing careers, this is a powerful conversation for you. Steve and I talk about all the things that led up to his decision to leave his job, and how that decision has helped his life since. He also gives important advice for those who have been considering the same thing.


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• Steve talks about how he left a successful career in Municipal Bonds sales because he wanted to find out more about who he was and what his passions were

• Steve’s Journey Aboard the Trans-Siberian Railroad • Staying in a Mongolian yurt with a native family

• The Importance of the melting pot culture Steve experienced growing up in Brooklyn and the brotherhood he found with his close-knit high school community

• The Importance of family pride and traditions getting passed down through generations to keep the good things from the past alive.

• The reality that man people in their 20s and beyond struggle with the fact that adult life has no syllabi for you to help figure out what you want, and how finding ways to go after your passions is a good way to help figure life out

• How a chance encounter at a wedding turned into a year-long journey for Steve, which culminated in his authoring Untouched Heroics: the True Life-Story of 95 Tony Varone. Tony is an Italian immigrant raised in Brooklyn, New York who served in the United States Army from January 1941 until June 1945. Surviving eight campaigns as an infantryman in World War II, Tony escaped death and injury innumerable times, and saved a significant number of lives in the process.

• What Steve’s doing now. After dedicating over a year of his life to telling this incredible story, Steve recently returned to the financial world in a much different and unique role, investing in multiple asset classes, where he hopes to learn more about the global economy, and the companies, industries, and countries that operate within it, with a fresh perspective.


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