Breaking Walls EP18: Using Crowd-Funding To Finance Creativity—Comic Book Artist Mike Freiheit

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In Episode 18 of Breaking Walls, we sit down with comic book artist and freelance illustrator Mike Freiheit for a conversation about using crowd-funding to finance creative endeavors. Mike has successfully funded two separate kickstarter campaigns, which has helped him publish Vol 1 & 2 of “Monkey Chef,” a comic book centered around Mike’s experience as a monkey chef in South Africa.


• How going to college in NYC shaped Mike
• Why it’s difficult to find work as an illustrator in today’s job market
• How Mike came to experience life as a monkey chef in South Africa
• Details on his experience
• Why he decided to publish a comic book series on his adventures
• The importance of being vulnerable and why Mike views vulnerability as a strength
• Thoughts on how to approach people to ask them for money
• Important tips to use when creating a crowd-funding campaign
• What’s next for Mike


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