Breaking Walls EP13: Emigration & Career-Changing Advice—Radio And PR Guru Susan Doyle

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In lucky Episode 13 of Breaking Walls we sit down for a chat with radio and public relations guru Susan Doyle for a conversation about her experiences emigrating back and forth from Ireland to the U.S. THREE TIMES! Susan gives tips on how to make big jumps like that and how to get yourself situated once you do.

•Susan’s experiences moving back and forth between Ireland and the US 3x.

•Where Susan’s love of broadcasting comes from and how that led to her getting her current job at Bloomberg.

•Why your need for future happiness means you can’t ignore yourself when you want to jump to a new job, a new place, a new lifestyle.

•The importance of doing your research when you want to move to a new city or country. You absolutely will benefit from not walking through doorways blind.

•The kinds of companies you should seek out when moving to a new city or country.

•Things to keep in mind when going through a major life transition.

•The importance of allowing yourself to feel down for a little bit when something doesn’t work out, with the promise to yourself that you will work to get to the other side of it every day.

•How finding your passion will always be a lot of work, but never feel like a lot of work.

•What’s next for Susan and how far down the road she looks when making her decisions.

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