Lina Gonzalez: The Impossible Object

Lina Gonzalez is very inspired by the areas where science and art intersect. One of her biggest influencers, Josef Albers taught at the Bauhaus until 1933, and in the Unites States afterwards. His incredibly disciplined approach to art is akin to Lina’s creative process.

Dan Mountain: Vice Magazine Party X

Breaking WallBreakers News! New Jersey raised Pratt legend, Dan Mountain just sent this my way. It went live minutes ago. He was contacted by Vice Magazine to do an animation of DJ A-Trak telling an oral history of a night of absolute insanity.

Jill Gustaferri: Game Daily

Game Daily is now known as Joystiq. It’s quite possible they’d still be in existence if they used the talented Jill Gustaferri’s promotional cards put together for a site relaunch.