CC Stoness: Love

CCstoness is a producer of handcrafted, customized jeweled goods all of which are designed intricately and strung with love. Its origin of inspiration sprouts from European and Middle Eastern Countries, and their belief in the well-being of and riddance of negativity in the body, mind … Read MoreCC Stoness: Love

Casandra Rivera:

If you’re noticing a hockey theme on The Wall Breakers you can trust it’s not coming from Matt. Am I a die-hard Hockey fan? Absolutely. When Casandra Rivera showed me the work she’d done for NHL.COM I jumped at the chance to show it off.

James Scully: Green Depot Rebrand

Rebrand of the Key Art for Green Depot. This Project included both a redesign of Green Depot’s logo, as well as rebrand to all Key Art for both sections of their company (the “Build” section for contractors and the “Live” section for house and home).