Norman Rockwell: Americana Embodied

If you were born any time in the twentieth century, chances are you know who Norman Rockwell was. His paintings spanned four generations of American culture and left a major thumbprint on what we now know as “Americana“.

Brett Affrunti: Casino Movie Poster

Who’s this guy? Who’s this guy? This guy is Brett Affrunti mob lover. Brett’s new personal project is picking some of his favorite movies who’s original movie posters could have been much better and rethinking them.

Lina Gonzalez: GNP Intensities Sonics Extremes

A quote from The Bhagavad Gita was inspiration for this project: “I am death, shatterer of worlds, annihilating all things.” This is the album artwork for Gross National Produkt’s “Intensities : Sonics : Extremes” by Lina Gonzalez.