Artistic inspiration – by Sophie Dunér

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For me, art and music is an ongoing thing. Things enter in a constant flow and convert themselves into new ideas. One could call it “creativity in motion.” I feel like I am a train, picking up the things I like on the way, and releasing them in my own manner. That’s all. I assume everybody does?


For me, it´s a way of living. My creative side is never separated from my life. It’s there all the time. I can get inspired by just about anything that comes my way (apart from the typical creative areas such as dance, theater, music, literature etc.). But of course, the opposite is also true, so one has got to make sure when to move out of the way! I also feel that you get attracted to what you need & things that you lack. It is said that peoples favorite foods are their favorite because they need it! I am not a mathematical type of person but, I do believe in chemistry – you pick up and get attracted to things that makes you feel complete. Otherwise, you wouldn´t get attracted to them in the first place! So inspiration may be a lot about necessity, at least for me. You create what you don´t have or, what you cannot express! I also get very inspired by anything that is “unexpected” and anything that involves “contrast”. And I believe I get inspired by things that are already a part of my own energy as well as things that are radically different from myself. Then of course – it also matters where all this is done – so many things affect an artistic creation.


Context is very important. That’s the “form” for the creation. It’s like you, the artist, are inside the musical “arrangement” yourself, So any place becomes the “form.” That´s why places are, of course, of huge importance, because no creation is created, nor received in the same way in two different places- are they? (I have a fun habit of recording my newly composed music with my iPhone and walking to another area in the house or simply outside. It changes everything, sound-wise, and its helpful for knowing how to progress with the composition!) I do the same thing with the art. I’ll take a photo and move away from the area where I created it. It works wonders! On the other hand, ignoring everything around you could also be inspiring, being inspired by absolutely nothing more than your own imagination!


Being a visual artist as well, I also get very inspired by all kinds of art, as it presents many types of distribution of form, colour, energies, moods – Its perfect to use for music! The “patterns” I pick up from the visual art assist me in creating “musical patterns”. I enjoy duality & contradictions within the arts. I like (and need) both mental & primal music, preferably on top of each other! I like serious versus satire, commercial versus non commercial, very active versus quiet and, as stated earlier, I like when the changes or combinations are extreme and unexpected. Therefore, its natural for me to go see both primal and mental music, as stated earlier. Also, the art works as an illustration for the music and vice verse. It’s a kind of fiction, the caracters in the art are personalities in the music, in the lyrics. It´s all interrelated.


So having said this, as a singer, I often prefer to look elsewhere for inspiration than within my own circle (or instrument) for inspiration. I do not necessarily listen to singers. And I like to be “on the other side.” Because being on the other side, the objectivity gives you a broader spectrum to “play,” and yes, I am supposedly a “modernist” but, in order to create new things, I need to look at Caravaggio rather than at Warhol!


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