Art from Adam Kiger!

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Columbus, Ohio-based artist Adam Kiger has been an internet architect since the 1990s and even owned his own internet development firm. He’s been creating art his whole life and now spends a lot of his time being creatively focused. He had this to say about his work: “My work tends to focus on truth, an individual’s struggle to recapture something that was either taken from them or ignored, hidden behind the blinders of denial. A recent piece I created is titled, Concrete. As I do with all my pieces, the title lays the groundwork for what ‘truth’ I’m hoping to stage. My goal with Concrete is to promote concrete thinking and the inherent dangers behind seeing the world and the choices it presents, simply, in black and white.” Really interesting. Take a look at Adam’s work! You can also find him on twitter here.


Adam_Kiger_1 Adam_Kiger_2 Adam_Kiger_3 Adam_Kiger_4 Adam_Kiger_5 Adam_Kiger_6 Adam_Kiger_7 Adam_Kiger_8 Adam_Kiger_9 Adam_Kiger_10 Adam_Kiger_11 Adam_Kiger_12 Adam_Kiger_13 Adam_Kiger_14 Adam_Kiger_15



  • Angie Wolf

    beautiful work!