Art and Positive Motivation By Darryl Hurts!

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Darryl Hurts had this to say about his art: “The inspiration for my art is life itself. It’s both the good parts of life and the pain of life. We all want the good parts of life, but the pain that comes from life can become the power to make one’s dreams come true. I want to let people know that they’re good enough to make life better. I write positive messages on my artwork. I do this to motivate people in order to help them to not fear failure. Some people are paralyzed by fear. You can’t come to know the powers you possess if you don’t try in the first place. I create my art to let people see someone who won’t give up and to help them think to themselves that they can do the same.”


Darryl understand the power of a smile, of a pat on the back, and of leading by example. None of us are alone. We all experience a range of fears in life. If you let fear paralyze you, as Darryl mentions, you will never grow as a human. In fact, I’d say that eventually you’ll regress. Fear is only a machination of the mind. Feel that fear, but conquer it. Don’t let it conquer you! Take a look at Darryl’s work below!



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