The Art of 14 Year-Old Self-Taught Indian Artist Rishabh Gandhi

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It’s always great to hear that young artists are teaching themselves how to create art. Rishabh Gandhi is a fourteen year-old from India who’s been using the internet to gain important information and tutorials on art. He had this to say about his work: “I am a self taught artist from India who is still learning. I’ve been drawing since I was three or four years old. I used to create sketches of cartoons and that kind of stuff, but I hadn’t taken drawing seriously until about three years ago. I started watching drawing tutorials and kept practicing. I would see loads of videos on youtube and I saw drawings made by other artists. Initially, I would get really frustrated as I could not draw as well as they could, but gradually I started taking this direction as a positive in order to learn from their drawings. I would compare my drawings with theirs and to see the differences, so I could pick them up. I started uploading my artwork on some Facebook groups and would get feedback. This greatly helped me improve my art! Now I want to turn my hobby into it into a career. I still have many more years to learn and improve!”


I’m excited to see where someone with such strong skills and ambition can take his dream!


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