Announcement: Burning Gotham—A New Audio Drama Set in 1830s New York City

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On the frigid, blustery night of December 16th, 1835, the worst fire in New York city history swept through Manhattan. Everything south of Maiden Lane and east of Broad street—at that time the city’s chief merchant district—was turned to rubble. The fire caused an estimated $20 Million in property damage. It’s the equivalent to a half-billion dollars today.

The official investigation found that the fire was caused by an exploded gas pipe, which was ignited by a coal stove. No public blame was assigned. But what if New York’s greatest accidental fire was no accident?

Coming Spring 2019 to your favorite podcast app: Burning Gotham—a new audio drama about the fastest growing city in the world, and the opportunists who shaped it. Stay tuned for trailers, soundscapes, and more information in the coming weeks.