Amazing Fine Arts Self Portraits Depicting Animals as Humans, By Dori DeCamillis

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“My paintings are self-portraits depicting my own mind-states. Each piece is a character in a private mythology designed to personify my ever-changing thought patterns, habits, and perspectives. These individual pieces of my personality are painted as they come up in my life in an attempt to be more honest with myself and shed an introspective light on my foibles, aspirations, and secrets. By doing so in the public arena I lessen the power these thoughts have over me and reveal human attributes that notionally relate to everyone.” – Dori DeCamillis


I thought it important to lead with that quote from Dori about her inspiration because it gives us a good idea of the high level of self-awarness Dori has as an artist and person. Art, at its core, has always been about man’s quest to understand the thoughts and images he sees in his head. It makes sense that art has often been paired with religion. Both are attempts to (hopefully) understand the bigger picture. Throughout history, artists have often used animals to describe human emotion. Dori’s aware of that as well. She mentioned that, “in many cultures and religions around the world, animals have been used to represent ideas, deities and demons, and human traits—a wide range of inanimate phenomenon. Taking cues from these traditions, I came up with characters for the story of my own consciousness.” At different points in time, we have all embodied every one of these characters below. Maybe that’s why they make me uncomfortable to look at? See for yourself below!


Dori_DeCamillis_1 Dori_DeCamillis_2 Dori_DeCamillis_3 Dori_DeCamillis_4 Dori_DeCamillis_5 Dori_DeCamillis_6 Dori_DeCamillis_7 Dori_DeCamillis_8 Dori_DeCamillis_9 Dori_DeCamillis_10 Dori_DeCamillis_11 Dori_DeCamillis_12 Dori_DeCamillis_13 Dori_DeCamillis_14 Dori_DeCamillis_15 Dori_DeCamillis_16 Dori_DeCamillis_17




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