Who Are the Wallbreakers?

For many, the word "job" is a dirty one. The WallBreakers isn't a job or a blog; It's a mission. We're here to help everyone discover and cultivate passions through actionable, real-world advice. Much of this world's happiness is centered around who we all know and what we all love. The WallBreakers is a space to build the tools needed to know how to be successful in life doing the things we're most passionate about.

Our content for each month is in conjunction with one of that month's major events. This way, as the months change, so too will our content, and it'll stay relevant to all of us. Within each month you'll find interviews, op-eds, initiatives, skill-building thoughts from members of the community, discussion-based podcast episodes, and self-reflective words from us.

We are all much more creative than we think. When we band together as a collective consciousness anything is possible.


James Scully

Partner & Media Private Eye

I am a native Brooklynite, a complete ham, and a rebel with a cause. While traveling down many different artistic avenues, I've learned to trust my instincts, be present with my passions, and absorb new information every day. I believe the best way to marry happiness and financial success is through being open, creative, and conscious. Getting off the ol' tush and taking action helps too! I want to be the most fulfilled human I can possibly be. I've noticed that a willingness to be vulnerable allows serendipity to occur, which leads to personal growth. Some of my heroes are Studs Terkel, Bruce Springsteen, and "Macho Man" Randy Savage. The cream always rises to the top!



Lina Gonzalez

Partner & Design Headmistress

Designer, martial artist, fashion blogger, and reformed supervillainess who creates for good. I believe everyone has a superpower and deserves to share their talents with the world. Those who have used their gifts for good and have inspired me along the way are Mahatma Gandhi, Shirley Manson, and James Victore. Stay true to your voice.