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If there’s one thing we didn’t like about creating this website, it was writing an about section. Instead, we put together this fake interview so you could learn a little bit about us and what we’re trying to do here at thewallbreakers.com.

What exactly is thewallbreakers.com ?

Matt: It’s an online creative community where creatives can check out inspiring work, put up their own work for others to view and comment on, check out interviews with established industry professionals and artists…

James: …while also getting the latest news from the creative community from around the web.

M: There are just too many times where I can’t get myself into that creative zone. I start staring at the screen, the wall, or whatever. Then I wind up surfing the web, sometimes finding inspiration, sometimes not.

J: That’s why we created this site. It’s to remind us and everybody else that hitting the wall is part of the creative process, and there are ways to get through it.

What makes you guys qualified to start a creative community?

M: Well, I create different multimedia for the web and sometimes the task of staying creative while keeping up with rapidly changing technologies (cameras, software, plugins, ahhhh!!!!) is just too overwhelming but, while I think I know my stuff, there is always so much more to learn. The Wall Breakers community will be the perfect place to exchange new ideas and learn as much as I can.

J:I’m living proof that you can get made fun of by your neighborhood friends for going to art school, and by your art school friends for being a guido :D. I’m Brooklyn born and raised, graduated from Pratt Institute and now work designing ads for tablet and web. I’ve been wanting to connect people in an idea sharing space to collaborate and network for some time now. If we’re all going to get some place in this profession while continuing to create self-fulfilling work, we’ve got to be connected to each other.

How do you guys know each other by the way?

M: We both grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. James moved onto the block when we were about 11. We were both relatively uncool kids.

J: We’re still not cool.

M: Well, I think that’s pretty evident by this fake interview.

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