60 Iconic Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Covers

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Much ink has been spilled here on The WallBreakers about Norman Rockwell. I’ve always felt that Rockwell beautifully captured an idealistic version of Americana in his paintings. We could absolutely argue that because he wasn’t allowed to paint African Americans until his later years his version of Americana is mostly skewed. I try to put Rockwell’s pre-1963 work in historical context based on who was commissioning him—The Saturday Evening Postwhich only allowed white Americans to be depicted in their art in non-subjugational ways. After 1963, when Rockwell painted for Look Magazine, he was free to paint the kind of material that spoke to the social events of the day.


Rockwell was a master at using brush stroke, light, and color to communicate emotion. I remember visiting an exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum in which Rockwell’s work was featured. To see a Rockwell in person is to see a masterpiece. Another Rockwell strength was his ability to tell a fluent, emotional story within one piece of art. It’s almost as though he was a nostalgia theorist, able to pull the viewer in and remind them of forgone times in their own life.


How do you feel about Norman Rockwell as an artist? I find that his style is one that’s hard to pinpoint. What movement did he truly belong to? He painted through several  movements. Cubism, Art Deco, The De Stijl movement, Futurism, Expressionism, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, and Minimalism are just a few of them. Perhaps Rockwell would classify himself as an American Realist painter, influenced by artists and peers like George Bellows, Thomas Hart Benton, Grant Wood, and Edward Hopper. Would you agree?


Take a look at sixty iconic Rockwell Saturday Evening Post covers. They cover a diverse group of subjects, and a diverse time range. Enjoy some of his wonderful covers below, broken down by month.




boy_with_stereoscope girl_asking_directions_in_french little_boy_reaching_in_grandfather's_overcoat two_men_courting_girl's_favor uncle_sam_flying



cellist_and_little_girl_dancing cheerleaders man_reading_book_of_chivalry two_girls_looking_at_movie_stars_photos willie_gillis_uso



girl_doing_sampler income_tax prom_dress the_departing_maid woman_in_riding_habit_fallen_off_horse



stained_glass_window the_adventures_tear ticket_seller violin_solo boy_playing_flute_surrounded_by_animals



the_convention rc.2008.9.12 portrait_of_nasser bridge_game_tear boy_with_dog_in_picnic_basket



boy_graduate boys_playing_leapfrog old_woman_riding_airplane_tear organist_waiting_for_cue willie_gillis_cat's_cradle



boy_with_melting_ice_cream_cones couple_in_rumbleseat hundredth_year_of_baseball old_man_in_a_fishing_boat statue_of_liberty



little_girl_observing_lovers_on_a_train salesman_in_a_swimming_hole sleeping_expressman soda_jerk gramps_at_the_plate



liberty_girl marble_champion schoolteacher_mother_and_little_boy st1976.1811 willie_gillis_girls_with_letters



breakfast_table_political_argument hobo_and_dog people_in_a_theater_balcony portrait_of_dwight_d._eisenhower rc.2007.1.178



chef_with_thanksgiving_menu new_television_antenna_ thanksgiving_girl_praying willie_gillis_home_sweet_home the_hitchhiker



extra_good_boys_and_girls london_stagecoach rc.2007.1.152 santa_on_train christmas_santa's_christmas_list