A Man Named Marlowe Episode 6—The Finale: The Windup & The Phoenix

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Previously on A Man Named Marlowe: At 4:30 in the morning the woman who hired Marlowe comes to his hotel room in Spokane. She explains what happened and why she lied to Phillip. Her real name is Janice Thomlinson. Marlowe decides he’s still working for her and will try to protect her against Benny Chance and John Moriarity. She stays in his room overnight. The next day he goes to see William W. Powell Jr. who owns mining property around Spokane. He lies about his reasons for the visit and arranges a meeting with William T. Phillips. Phillips and Marlowe meet at the lobby bar of the Davenport hotel. After the meeting Marlowe goes back up to his room when he’s slugged and knocked out.

In Episode 6, it’s the finale! The Windup… and what a windup!

The complete cast for this series was:

Will Benson as Benny Chance
Christopher Bradley as Lou Parker & Gus
Javan Ivey as Joe Briggs
Dr. David Linton as William T. Phillips
Olga Lysenko as The Telephone Operator
Dan Mountain as Bernie Ohls
Fernando Sanabria as The Homicide Detective
Brett Solimine as Miles The Desk Clerk
Sam T. Wilson as Henry Long & William W. Powell Jr.

Nancy Pop as Janice Tomlinson
Gustavo Rodriguez as John Moriarity

James Scully as Philip Marlowe
Featured Music in this episode:
On The Good Ship Lollipop – Shirley Temple
Rockin’ Chair – The Mills Brothers
Ain’t Misbehavin – Fats Waller and His Rhythm
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