A Man Named Marlowe Episode 3: The Aftershock & The Proposition

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Previously on A Man Named Marlowe: Marlowe gets tailed across town to his friend Bernie Ohl’s house. After leaving Bernie’s he heads up to Big Bear Lake to investigate the cabin his new client Ruth Moriarity mentioned. There he finds something unspeakably gruesome.

In Episode 3, Marlowe’s offered a large sum of money to drop the case and stop looking for John Moriarity, even though he’s already stumbled upon two horrible murders.

Heard in this episode:
Nancy Pop as The Waitress
Olga Lysenko as The Telephone Operator
Fernando Sanabria as The Homicide Detective
Christopher Bradley as Gus
Will Benson as Benny Chance
James Scully as Philip Marlowe

Closing Song:
Farewell My Lovely by Richard Himber, with Stuart Allen singing

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